SOLAAR hits the road

Our new SOLAAR streetlight shines due to is perfectly optimized energy flow. One light package where everything works together for the best light, for our customers, and for our planet.

Solar panel: SOLAAR comes with a state of the art panel in order to maximize energy production, while keeping the product dimensions compact. We proudly announce over 21% photoelectric conversion, producing more than enough power.

Battery: Our LiFePO4 technology battery is rated for over 2000 charge cycles, TWICE as much as standard LiPo batteries. And while the battery offers a very long lifetime, it is also very easy to replace if necessary.
And yes, the 5 years warranty does include the battery…
Furthermore, the battery capacity will provide up to 13 hours of operation at full power, on each full charge.

Light Management: to optimize the energy consumption, you can control the light via a wide range of settings: timer, ambient light settings, motion sensing options.

The final touch, to make sure SOLAAR will power every nights, all night: our LEDs come with an efficiency of over 200lm/W.

Made by specialists for professionals, our products can withstand extreme conditions such as saline, humid, dusty environments, exposed to extreme temperatures and subject to possible mechanical impacts.
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