Which farm building lighting to choose?

farm building lighting

It is important to choose a lighting system adapted to its use, a lighting system in adequacy with the agricultural installation makes it possible to increase the safety of the building, the productivity but also a reduction of the electricity costs on the long term. 


Here are the features you need to consider when installing lighting for your farm building.

Lighting temperature for an agricultural building

It is important to respect the lighting values provided by the manufacturer, because an increase in the building temperature could lead to a decrease in the life of the components.

 To avoid this and to promote cooling, the ceiling lighting system should be lowered. This allows the heat to rise to the ceiling and the air to circulate freely.


The lighting temperature is in Kelvin (K). For LED lighting, the different light colors are:


Warm white lighting color (2700k to 3500k)

Neutral white lighting color (3500k to 5500k)

Cool white lighting color (5500k to 8000k)
kelvin color

bâtiment d'élevage
lighting for poultry

Lighting temperature for poultry

It is important to choose correctly the right color of lighting temperature for poultry, indeed poultry are sensitive animals to light, an unsuitable light could make them short-sighted or long-sighted. According to studies, the color cold white (5500k to 8000k) acts as a stimulator in period of activity for poultry while the warm white (2700k to 3500k) makes effect of calm.

For the CRI (color rendering index) we recommend a CRI of 80 minimum.


But what lighting should I choose for my poultry?

To light your poultry in complete peace of mind, we propose the FLATBELL PRO and the PARKOS PRO, both products meet the required characteristics.

Lighting temperature for pigs

Pigs do not have the same vision as us, their field of vision is much wider than that of humans, they use mainly their sense of smell and hearing to move. It is therefore essential to provide good lighting to improve their performance and well-being.
If your pigs are maturing we recommend warm colors (3000k), this will lower their nervousness rate however if your need is the growth of your livestock we recommend cool lights (6000k).

But what kind of lighting should I choose for my pigs?

To develop the growth and the well being of your pigs we propose you the ISIG+S and the IZIG PRO, these two products answer the problem.

lighting for pig breeding
lighting for cow breeding

Lighting temperature for cattle

Cattle are animals that have a vision similar to that of pigs, many studies prove that good lighting can increase productivity by 6% to 15%. Cattle need 8 hours of sleep out of 16 hours, so it is important to choose an adaptable lighting. During the day, a cold light (6000k) to increase productivity and at night, a warm light (3000k) to let the cattle rest. To let the cattle rest at night and to allow you to work without waking them up, we suggest you use lighting with integrated red leds.

Which lighting should I choose for my cattle?

We suggest the PARKOS PRO and the FLATBELL PRO, they will meet your needs.

Protection class for agricultural lighting

The IP or protection rating is a standard that defines the rate of protection and waterproofing against dust and moisture.If your lighting building is a dusty and humid place, it is best to take this into account when purchasing your agricultural lighting

The most common ip 

IP 20: the minimum protection index, it attests that the product is protected against solid bodies such as hands.


IP 44: protection class for wet rooms or outdoor lighting.


IP 54: protection class suitable for lighting that is resistant to the weather 


IP65: protection class offers a total guarantee against dust and water projections.


IP66: protection against dust and large splashes of water.


IP67: Protection index the product can be immersed in water


IP68: For corrosive products, product that resists the current of the wateru.

At kapsea, we advise you to choose a solution with IP 65 which resists to high pressure jets.

corrosion of the breeding building

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion is a major problem in livestock buildings, as these places are generally very humid, corrosive and dusty. In most cases, these buildings increase their corrosion rate over time.


Indeed, after the rejections of the buildings of breeding (effluent of breeding), it results from it a composition of ammonia in the air, more precisely in closed places of breeding. The mixture of humidity and ammonia leads to the creation of ammonium hydroxide, a chemical agent that degrades metal parts. Other corrosive agents can be formed with the various chemicals available to the farmer. Another problem is that dust can act as a cause of accelerated corrosion rates on a metal surface.

In the long run, corrosion destroys metal parts and connectors, so it is essential to choose lighting that is adapted to a corrosive environment.

Choosing your farm building lighting

Solar lighting offers you a robust and economical solution. This solution could be used for the facade of your building but also your fields and meadows. This energy has many advantages like first of all an extremely easy installation of the lighting, robust material and perfectly adapted due to its completely modular aspect.

For an interior solution we recommend TRI-PROOF lighting, being easy to install and shock resistant it will be perfect for an agricultural shed, a breeding center and a stable. Moreover TRI-PROOF lighting is perfectly adapted to humidity and corrosive agents.


ferme d'élevage

Discover our kapsea lighting for your farm building

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Its intense light provides up to 31,000 lumens and can therefore easily illuminate agricultural and other industrial buildings. It is perfectly suitable for polluted or dusty places.

FROM13,000 TO 31,000 LUMENS

FROM 3000k TO 6000k*



PARKOS PRO is a very long life light, up to 8200 lumens and 6000k. It is also vibration resistant and meets the highest impact resistance (IK10).

Up to 8200 lumens

FROM 3000k TO 6000k*

izig s test


Designed for performance and durability, the full range of IZIG+ S is IK10 and IP66 rated, suitable for intensive use. Its extra high performance lenses will enhance its performance and allow it to meet the brightness requirements with minimal power consumption.


FROM 3000K TO 6000K*



The IZIG PRO is our most popular light. With its attractive design, which combines strength and efficiency, it is the ideal lighting for the outdoors. Various mounting accessories are also available depending on where you want to install the IZIG PRO. Available from 1600 to 6000 lumens, the IZIG PRO can be used to illuminate restaurant patios, storefronts or billboards.


FROM 3000K TO 6000K*





A kit of projector(s) + solar panel(s) which allows to bring a consequent source of lighting.

UP TO 7500 LM