Hard anodized case, PVDF coating, anti-vibration mount, the Admiral has been designed to withstand the harshest environments, including marine and coastal areas.
Designed to be efficient and durable, the complete range of IZIG + S is IK10 and IP66, suitable for intensive use. Its extra-efficient lenses will improve its performance, and thus meet lighting requirements with minimal consumption.
"The IZIG PRO is our most popular light. With its attractive design, which combines solidity and efficiency, it is the ideal lighting for outdoors. Different Mounting accessories are also available depending on where you want to install your IZIG PRO. Available from 1600 to 6000 lumens, the IZIG PRO can be used to illuminate restaurant terraces, shop windows store or billboards."
Lampadaire extérieur détecteur de mouvement
The Candelo is a smart light, that offers true solutions to real life difficulties.
Projecteur LED puissant
The mastare is our most powerful light. When you need a maximum power, chose the Mastare.