Compact. Autonomous.



The SUNLIKE is an “all-in-one” solar street light. Because it is very efficient, no need for oversized panel and battery, the SUNLIKE is a compact solar street light, and yet very effective.

KAPSEA had designed this solar street light so that you can adjust the tilt angle and the light module direction, The SUNLIKE catches all the sun energy, and keeps the light beam on the road.


From 1600 to 6000 lumens

SUNLIKE range includes several versions including 1600 / 4000 and 6000 lumens.

Battery powered

We use the last batteries technologies of batteries with up to 2000 cycles lifetime.

Waterproofed solution

Tested under IP65 standards, allowing outdoor installations. ​

Full autonomy

Battery and solar panels have been sized so that each versions have up to 70 hours autonomy.

Auto-dimming function

Set up with supplied the remote control and auto-dim at the right time and luminosity.

Built-in motion sensor

Each luminaire includes built-in high frequency motion sensor.

Long lifetime chipset

Product have been assembled with official Lumileds Luxeon 5050 LED chipsets.

High efficiency.

LED module outputs 200 lum/w, allowing both great autonomy and performances.

You want to know more about the product set up ?

Do you need watts or lumens ?

Do you need watts or lumens ?

What you need is light, not watts. 6000 lumens with 30w is always preferable than 50w or even 60w with the same lumen output. This is the best way to ensure good autonomy at reasonable cost.

How to ensure optimum energy production ?

Project Planning

Thanks to the rotative combo (module / mono crystalline panel) the SUNLIKE can be adjusted to maximize the energy on any azimuth, be set up to fir your location. And because our LEDs are highly efficient, you will have plenty of energy.

Did you consider hidden costs ?

Did you consider hidden costs ?

We use Lithium LifePo4 batteries, known to offer the highest lifetime in most cases. By choosing high quality, you will actually save a lot of money over the years.

Why efficiency = autonomy ?

Why efficiency = autonomy ?

Even with a great battery capacity, you may encounter autonomy problems if you do not use the energy efficiently. Our LEDs are very efficient, up to 200 lm/w. They will produce as much as a 100 lm/w luminaire, but our autonomy will be twice as long with the same battery. And with 21 operating modes, you can adjust the light for your location, needs, and seasons.


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ALL-in-ONE Revolution

Thanks to its pivotable LED module, the solar panel could be tilted to optimise the solar irradiation and thus the battery charging…for maximal autonomy. 

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